Great storytellers understand insight.

We use different questions, tools and techniques to go beyond the conventional to reveal deeply human insights in compelling, easy to share formats.


  • Story Mapping

    Explores the story that stakeholders are telling themselves today versus a variety of future stories and what it takes for the narrative to change.

  • Story Journals

    Our ethnographic journals provide an in-depth exploration of beliefs, attitudes and behaviors to reveal sharper human truths, along with language and imagery that underpins powerful insights and engaging stories.

  • Learning from Extremes

    Those at the extremes are better able to articulate behaviors and motivations, which can be a great short cut to breakthrough innovation and communications.

Insight Case Study

Tesaro: Zejula

The Situation

Ovarian cancer was evolving rapidly with multiple entrants and potential for confusion among oncologists over therapy options. Tesaro® approached Make Believe to develop a compelling human story to simplify the launch discussion around Zejula® (niraparib) for medical professionals and the women in their care.

The Solution

We undertook story journaling with oncologists across 5 countries to uncover their core motivations and behaviors.

This enabled us to craft a story tailored to their goal of achieving “More time for more women”, using powerful language and imagery derived directly from oncologists’ own experiences. Zejula® has become the new leader in ovarian cancer, providing renewed optimism in a devastating disease.