Most innovation companies focus on 'WHAT', we focus on 'WHY'

Most innovation companies focus on 'WHAT' - ideas for new product and service features. Make Believe focus on WHY - identifying the story that people want to play a role in. By starting with story, we can be sure the ideas that bring this story to life will engage people. We call it emotional innovation. Our unique formula: MAKE (things) + BELIEVE (emotions) = Engaging Innovation.


  • Opportunity mapping

    Scoping out what is possible based upon the emerging brand story across product, service and communication ideas.

  • Business model innovation

    Exploring strategic dimensions of the commercial opportunity such as new partnerships, product and service innovation, pricing models, distribution channels etc., to optimize the model.

  • Customer co-creation workshop

    Co-creating better solutions with end users in safe environments that foster more honest feedback and idea building with prototypes.

Innovation Case Study

Novartis: !ntrepreneur

The Situation

With a focus on customer orientated solutions, Novartis Oncology was looking to create a cultural step change in innovation. Central to this challenge was the desire to marry the benefits of being one of the largest players in Oncology with the lean, start-up mentality required for fast paced innovation in Healthcare today. The solution had to set out a new vision and spirit for innovation, underpinned by a flexible approach that could operate across different areas and provide a toolkit to help bring new ideas to life.

The Solution

The !ntrepreneur program sets out a blueprint for Innovation in Novartis Oncology. It follows a simple four stage approach (!nspire > !deate > !nnovate > !mpact) to accelerate innovation beyond the molecule. The initiative was specifically designed to offer a source of inspiration (as opposed to a rigid process – they have enough processes already) supported by a wide range of tips, tools, training and case studies to help people get inspired and idea generating.