• Paul Wilson

    Paul is the founder of Make Believe. He has worked both client and agency side for ?WhatIf !, the innovation agency, Coors and advertising agency AMV BBDO.

  • Brent McCallum

    Brent heads up Make Believe’s New York office. He was previously Director of Innovation at Novartis, worked on Global and US pharma brand launches and was a journalist on 3 continents.

  • David Griffiths

    David is a senior consultant with Make Believe. A former Innovation and Brand Director at Molson Coors, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience in strategic creativity.

  • Tom Jones

    Tom is our lead consultant for the EU. His focus is on story-led business transformation, based on a quarter century’s experience as a business strategy consultant and pharmaceutical executive in the US, Latin America and Europe.

  • Adam Guthrie-James

    Adam is our value story lead and brings 20 years of experience within the healthcare sector. As well as being a health economist Adam has a special interest in behavioural science and how storytelling drives value through communications

  • Pilar Cortizo

    Pilar brings 30+ years of communications, content and purpose development experience, mostly in B2C, bringing a unique perspective to the challenges of creating stories in the medical space.

  • Chris Keys

    Chris is Make Believe’s studio head. Passionate about all things film and digital, Chris has spent over 12 years across a range of roles in visual arts and now specialises in computer animation.