Story is the new strategy

We believe a story, powerfully told, can help bridge the strategy-execution divide by connecting your people with your vision, head and heart. It is a guiding light that creates… meaning for your audience, strategic clarity, broad alignment and a shared purpose. It helps stakeholders understand why you exist.


  • Organizational storytelling

    Co-creating a unique, engaging narrative (beyond vision statements and strategic imperatives) that connects people ‘head and heart’.

  • Brand storytelling & Planning

    Co-creating a consistent and compelling central narrative for your brand and translating your story into strategic themes and activity so that it manifests across everything you do.

  • Scientific storytelling

    Co-creating scientific and data stories capable of cutting-through in a world where attention is an increasingly precious commodity.

Strategy Case Study

LEO: Designed for Living

The Situation

For nearly 20 years LEO pharma has played a dominant role in the topical psoriasis market with its Dovobet® and Daivobet® brands. By 2015 however, LEO was facing a huge strategic challenge. The organization had put in place a highly patient centric LCM program, but now had to find a way to make sense of an extensive new range of products for its customers. This diverse patient specific portfolio offered real advantages, but was potentially complex to understand for HCPs, patients and internal stakeholders alike.

The Solution

Make Believe conducted deep insight work followed by creative collaboration workshops with a wide range of stakeholders.  This enabled the development of a portfolio story co-created by representatives from the whole organization. The insight at the heart of the story was that patients faced different challenges living with their disease. ‘DESIGNED FOR LIVING with psoriasis’ offered a portfolio of solutions giving each patient the specific treatment, best suited to their needs. Following the launch of the new formulations, delivery systems and devices, LEO has positioned its highly patient centric portfolio firmly in the minds of HCPs and in the lives of patients. LEO can now claim growth of a mature molecule which is in the top 10 for a genericized medicine…ever!