If you don’t define your story, the world will do it for you

Storytelling and Commercial Storytelling are related but distinctly different. Make Believe has been pioneering the art, craft and process of Commercial Storytelling for almost two decades and our capability programs are the product of that hard-earned experience. We believe in the power of co-creating stories and our approach places that front and centre, giving stakeholders a voice and a stake in what they create.


  • Storytelling for Brands and Science

    Tailored programs for organizations and teams that realize a powerful story, well told, is the key to internal and external customer engagement.

  • Storytelling for Insight and Analytics

    The art and practice of telling emotionally engaging stories with data.

  • Storytelling for Creativity and Innovation

    Unlocking creativity and emotional innovation with a unique story toolbox.

Capability Case Study

Roche PDMA: Scientific Storytelling

The Situation

Roche PDMA recognized that for their customers, attention had become an increasingly precious commodity. Only the most engaging science stories would cut through. They approached Make Believe to develop and deliver a Scientific Storytelling program that framed the approach and provided the necessary skills to create compelling science stories to connect professionals and patients with why they exist.

The Solution

We created a flexible blueprint, a user’s guide for story development, based on best practice covering process, tools and tips. This was delivered in a stimulus rich, interactive format with hands on sessions to explore the principles of storytelling in a scientific context. Post session reviews showed the materials and approach to be highly engaging and effective, leading to widespread adoption.